Avrom Farm Party

Attendees face the wagon stage on the grassy field at Avrom Farm Party 2023.

Thanks for a great festival in 2023

Avrom Farm Party 2024 is on August 9-11. Look out for more info soon.

Avrom Farm Party is a music & food festival in Green Lake, Wisconsin

In 2018, Hayden Holbert marked his first full year of pasture-based farming on his family’s farm. He co-founded Avrom Farm Party as a celebration of regenerative agriculture and community alongside his childhood friend and bandmate Spencer Tweedy. At that first party, Hayden and his friends served dinner and beers while three bands played into a clear Wisconsin night.

By its fourth year, Avrom Farm Party grew to support five meals prepared on the farm, performances by over a dozen artists over two days, two nights of camping and activities, and a community that plans traditions around being in Green Lake for a weekend each summer.

Learn more about Avrom Farm and Lester Schwartz.

A black-and-white photo of Lester Schwartz painting a circle on a canvas A photo of tomatoes growing in a greenhouse at Avrom Farm