Avrom Farm Party

Green Lake, WI • Aug 9-11, 2024

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Attendees sitting on haybales in a grassy field watch an artist perform at Avrom Farm Party.

Avrom Farm Party is a music and food festival in the hills that overlook Green Lake, Wisconsin.

It’s a weekend to relax, a parade of great music, and a feast of farm-fresh food.

And it’s a celebration of regenerative agriculture. Our purpose is to make nutritious, responsibly grown food available and accessible in daily life.

This Year’s Lineup

Plus! Morning movement workshops with Em Neale and Chromabeats, Lot’sa Art Fair, and other workshops and speakers

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(Kids under 12 don’t require a separate ticket.)

Meal Bundle

You can pre-purchase meals for a discount. We serve fresh, hot, locally produced food at Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast. By pre-purchasing, you make it easier for us to plan and you save yourself a bit of money, too. (Kids eat for 50% off, no bundle necessary.)

Friend of the Festival

Every year, some attendees choose to make an additional donation to help fund the fest for all, to get an exclusive merch item, and to list their name on our thank-you board.

Total: $

August 9-11, 2024 at W908 Scott Hill Road, Ripon, WI

Food and drinks are not included with admission. (Clean drinking water is always free.) For safety and health reasons, dogs, outside food and drinks (except those that are medically required), and weapons are not allowed. If you have any questions, please email us.

Tickets are not refundable but they are transferable. To transfer your ticket to someone else, send us an email.

We want the festival to be accessible to as many people as possible. If your budget is tight, please reach out. We have volunteer opportunities and we’re always happy to work something out.

Discounts are available for residents of Green Lake County and nearby towns. Email us.

All tickets include camp site access and parking.


Doors open on Friday afternoon. Programming ends on Sunday morning. Artist set times and the meal and activity schedule will be announced soon.

Camping details

Camp sites have easy access to drinking water, portable restrooms, handwashing stations, and first aid. There are two camping areas; one area is reserved for families and folks who would like quieter time at night. Please bring your own tent and whatever other supplies you prefer for comfort. Festival parking is a moderate distance from camp sites, so please plan to walk or cart your supplies from your vehicle to your camp site. Reach out to us with any questions you may have.

A festival employee smiles wearing a denim apron and bandana tied around his forehead while leaning on a sink.
Farm festival attendees sit on haybales and talk. Two festival attendees pose and smile while wearing a tandem crocheted hat.
A festival artist plays acoustic guitar among trees. Festival employees stoke wood to create charcoal for a pig roast.
Festival attendees meditate in a morning movement workshop.

About the farm

Lester Schwartz applies a brush to a large, geometric painting.

Avrom Farm began its life in the 1950s as the home and workplace of sculptor-painter Lester Schwartz. The land had been a dairy farm. When Lester moved in, he renamed it after his father, Abraham, and built on its highest point an inviting, mid-century modern home imbued with the naturalistic shapes of his sculptures and paintings.

Over the next several decades, Lester turned Avrom Farm into a veritable museum and sculpture park. He populated its rolling hills with large works made of farm implements (a tractor!) and surplus bottles from the Miller High Life brewery. He taught students at the nearby Ripon College and created paintings that are collected by the Smithsonian.

Meanwhile, Lester’s grandson Hayden Holbert grew up in Chicago making frequent visits to the farm, running around among Lester’s art and eventually planting vegetable seeds in the once-fertile soil, hoping they would grow. Hayden immersed himself in books about animal husbandry and nutrient cycles and in 2013, he enrolled in Warren Wilson College to study sustainable agriculture and to work at the college’s 275-acre pasture-based livestock farm.

After receiving his degree, Hayden returned to Avrom Farm and grew it into a full-time, livestock and vegetable pasture. Using centuries-old techniques, Hayden and fellow farmers restored the land’s soil, increased its biodiversity, and created a symbiotic relationship between pigs, chickens, and vegetables to provide delicious, nutrient-rich food to farmers markets, restaurants, and homes in Wisconsin and Illinois.

In 2018, Hayden and his longtime friend and bandmate Spencer Tweedy organized Avrom Farm Party to promote regenerative agriculture and to share great music and food with friends and strangers. Since then, the festival has grown into hundreds of people’s favorite part of the summer, a time to get away from normal life, an opportunity to discover new artists, and, as of 2024, a fundraiser for food programs to be carried out by a new nonprofit.

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